What do Hawkers and University Students want in their beers?


Much has happened in the last week! We have finished conducting focus group sessions with university students and hawkers, and are in the midst of extracting as much info out of the sessions' footage. We are looking to release the info-sheets as well as the details on the info-inspired beer recipes real soon! Updates will be via Facebook and IG, but you gotta read it here on our website!

Part of the sessions was centered on getting participants to list desired characteristics in their dream Singaporean beer. Here's a summary of both groups' dream beer characteristics:

The Hawkers' Dream Beer

  • Light, refreshing, simple, "smooth", and quaffable (highly drinkable)!
  • Possesses a familiar taste profile that does not depart much from popular commercial lagers
  • As compared to commercial lagers, it should be slightly more bitter/hoppy
  • As compared to commercial lagers, its body should be similar
  • Moderate in ABV (e.g., 5 to 5.5%)
  • Something that finishes less dry

The Beer of Youth

  • Light, refreshing, and quaffable
  • Lager-like, with a slightly maltier mouthfeel
  • Carries a pleasant floral/fruity nose, that does not translate into its taste
  • Low to moderate bitterness
  • Moderate in ABV (e.g., 5.5%)
  • Something that finishes less dry

Beer brewers out there, how would you design a beer for these people? Comment down below to discuss!!