Getting the Brewery On Board

brewer cover photo.png

In order for the project to take flight, we needed a brewery that was aligned to the project's aims. Thankfully, The General Brewing Co., a newly minted brewery, was willing to see the potential of our project. They have thus agreed to squeeze us into their very busy brew schedule.

GUY 1: "Wait, what you don't have your own brewery?!"

Yes, it's a little too far-fetched to invest in a set-up for just a grassroots project. I guess, you could call us a gypsy-brewer?

GUY 1: "What is a gypsy-brewer?"

The term "Gypsy" suggests a nomadic lifestyle. Essentially, that is true for That Singapore Beer Project, since the project has no facility no facility of our own. Instead, we journey (to the West) to a functioning brewing facility and pay for the use of the space to produce our beer.

UPDATE: We can't wait to get our first interview/focus group set up. It's likely going to be the hawkers! Woohoo, definitely looking forward to talking about beers with these local, often unsung, heroes. STAY TUNED!